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We believe it’s important to have matching or similar core values to those of our clients. This promotes smooth integration and helps meet operational objectives. Investigate each provider to determine if they have documented standards, best practices, and clearly defined service level agreements.

Standard ICT has a proven track record of meeting civil and government regulatory standards. This includes those for private, non-profit, and publicly-traded business sectors.
We have participated in the cyber  security field since 2008. We do this to ensure confidential information is safe and recoverable at all times. We will help you determine your security goals and achieve them. Call us +256 772 045459

Backup technology has improved drastically in recent years.
Unless you have the latest fail-safe solutions in place, you may not be able to retrieve important information. Ensure you back up data regularly. Test your backups periodically to ensure data is backing up properly. Learn more about how to protect against a data disaster here.

“I already have internal IT. I have a computer guy. Now what?”
An MSP can act as an extension of your IT department. By handling routine tasks, your staff is free to focus on strategic IT initiatives to improve your business.

An area that you may need help in is IT management. Some MSPs offer a managed service to oversee your IT staff. It’s difficult to hold someone accountable in areas that we do not understand. IT personnel may appear busy, but deep down we have to question if they are doing their job in an efficient manner.

To hold your staff accountable, MSPs can:

plan and budget
provide task management systems

Focus on Business Activities
Time spent on your business vs. time spent on tech support adds to your bottom line.

Reduced Stress
Dealing with non-expertise areas is stressful, which adds to the fact that problems in these areas may cost thousands of dollars.

Controlled Cost
You can budget expenses and hold the MSP accountable to the results.

Reliable Performance
The service level agreement should guarantee performance or you do not pay.

Efficiency of Scale
MSPs have the experience and knowledge from supporting many networks. This experience cannot be gained by supporting one network.

Increased Security
MS providers have resources that proactively manage and maintain business critical components (e.g. firewalls, employee usage, and antivirus/malware suites).

Full Back-up and Business Continuity
You no longer have to remember to back-up media and tapes. MS providers offer back-up and business continuity services. They’ll return your business to operational within minutes.

IT Accountability
Have you ever wished you could have more control over your IT results? Without an MSP agreement, you are trading hourly IT help for money, and often you do not get what you desire. A MS level agreement is based upon a performance guarantee.

Thinking you know something and actually knowing it are two different things. The following beliefs will cost your company productivity and efficiency (which equals money):

“We can handle these problems in our IT network for now. We’ll deal with it when it crashes.”

“I don’t know our business performance or how to measure it. Big deal.”

“What’s the “work-around” to this problem? Where is the super glue?”

“I don’t care how the employees use business resources during business hours.”

“Those IT problems aren’t that bad… we’ll just work harder, longer, and hire more people.”
“So what if the server is five years old. It’s still running right? Why upgrade?




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